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It's a bit... wierd.


The launcher provided on the nexus works, but you need to get an updated patch .dll by Llere  link here


Fair warning, for a lot of people it is a bit unstable in some combat, but it does work, while others report no issues.


Good luck!

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Can I just use the dll without the launcher? All this launcher stuff feels like it needlessly complicates things, in my opinion at least.


Short answer is no. Launcher is needed now to perform patching on the fly. Or something like that anyway ;)

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I haven't had any bugs with it, but I'm always using it with the right version of the game. I don't see a release for 3.02 yet, so best not use the 3.01 version of the mod with 3.02 version of the game.

A Custom Editor for Deadfire's Data:

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