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  1. Problem is that I have no rights to open any .exe from the Outer Worlds folder, despite me being admin and having reallocated rights to myself. Microsoft Store is a huge PITA. Now it inexplicibaly deleted all the files in the folder, but the store won't let me reinstall it...
  2. Hey all, I got The Outerworlds via the Xbox gamepass Beta. Whenever I try to add Outerworlds.exe to my Logitech Gaming Software, I get the error that I don't have permission to open the exe. I assigned myself all rights on my system (and to that folder), but still it doesn't work. (Thanks, Microsoft, for treating PC gamers like consolegamers by blocking access to the game files, btw.) Is there some way around this? Like running a fake file simultaniously to make the Gaming Software open the correct profile automatically? Thanks in advance!
  3. Yeah, probably a support/DPS Paladin. I play on low difficulty settings. I'll look into the Counselor Ploi build. BTW, your background story about the Ranger was pretty funny.
  4. If I'd play a Cipher, it'd be something melee. Are there any decent Paladin builds? Or tanky Fighters?
  5. I am in a Ranger-mood for my RPGs nowadays. Onenof the things I might change is the stats, indeed. If you have other suggestions, they're still welcome.
  6. Yeah, I understand you can't be viable from lvl 1 on wards, but some builds in RPGs are only valid at the very last levels.
  7. Thank you! That looks awesome! INT does cover some conversation options, right?
  8. Hhhmm, two-hander Ranger actually sounds intriguing. Could you please elaborate on it?
  9. I've never finished PoE, mostly because I dislike the mechanics: too many spells/effects with too short a duration, plus I never seem to be able to create a characterbuild of a class that I like. However, I do want to finish the game before part II hits. I've got both expansions. The classes I've shortlisted are Cypher, Paladin, Fighter and Ranger. I want my character to make a meaningful contribution to combat and have several dialogue options available. I tried a Paladin tank, but that was a dud. Also tried a melee dualwield Cypher, but I lost focus on that playthrough. Can anyone help me decide? I prefer something straight-forward, but I'm willing to dig some more into the Cypher. Thanks in advance!
  10. Should I have specific companions in my party at specific times in the mainquest? Or can I always go back and do a particular companion's quest? I want to avoid swapping my companions at random. Thanks in advance!
  11. This brings up something else: how on earth am I ever going to reach 30 in a stat?
  12. Perception via the increase in Accuracy, right? Do crits also increase the durations of debuffs? It looks like it.
  13. Nice. Atm I got Dual Wield Style and Soul Whip or Biting Whip, not sure. Planning on getting the other Whip, Apprentice Sneak & Savage Attack, possibly Weapon Focus: Rufian. Side question: Crits are determined by how much your accuracy trumps the respective defense, right?
  14. I'm having a lot of fun with dual sabres and heavy armour. One thing I was meaning to ask: is the "multiclass" Rogue Sneak Attack Talent worth it? I'm leaning towards yes, since most of the time the important targets are debilitated anyway. Also, the talent that increases the Whip's damage with +20%, I assume it stacks with the basic +20% from Ciphers?
  15. I'm playing on the lowest difficulty. Would it be an option to have a set of clubs in case the enemy is immune to slashing? And/or a set of stileto's? Next question: is Weapon Focus worth it?
  16. Awesome, so dual wielding sabres is totally an option? Should I get Vulnerable Attack with them, or will the base damage be enough? Estok seems nice as well, but combined with the heavy armour, won't it be slow? EDIT: Thanks, Boeroer, you answered my questions before I could really pose them. I'm going to start out with Heavy Armour, Shield & Sabre and then switch to Dualwielding later on.
  17. I'd like to play a melee Cypher. I've googled around for possible builds, but the discussions range from "Go Heavy Armour & Twohander" to "Light Armour and Dual Wield." My preference is for a character that doesn't crumble when someone looks at it sideways and which can reliably generate damage & CC. Which weapons & fighting styles should I go for? Dual Sabres seem nice, but won't the DR mechanics botch this? Is Vulnerable Attack enough to solve this? Thanks in advance!
  18. Any one else around here who can attest to the buggy/unbuggy state of the mod?
  19. Thanks for the update, but despite the boons of the IE Mods, the bugreports make me a bit weary...
  20. What's the current status? The Nexus thread is pretty confusing. Thanks for any updates!
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