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How checks difficulties are shown.

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Something that is odd to me...


If I encounter  a card and there's a reason for the check to be higher due to the scenario or due to text like (succeed at a Wisdom check X or all your checks this turn are 1 harder)  then the new higher difficulty number shows in the center of the screen where I can choos how I am making the check.


This seems consistent for everything EXCEPT the veteran cards that have their difficulty increased by 1. During AP1 I think its actually changing the number on the card art?  Either that or its not applying the extra 1.

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It does change them automatically.

Which is weird, and should either change them in the middle of the screen, or just have that bit of text removed from the card. We don't need to know they go up in the digital version, just make them go up, which they already do.

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