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Down to the wire with Black Fang _ A little story

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I just realized there's an outside chance this might be considered spoilery due to the Black Fang card.. if so please move to the other forum. My apologies.


Valeros, Seoni, Merisiel, and Lini are going after Black Fang. They try to close all the locations except the Shrine to Lamashtu, knowing they should corner Black Fang there as it's a dangerous place to explore. The party makes their way over half way through the shrine but it takes a dangerous toll.  They manage to get down to where they are seriously running out of time and half the party on the verge of dying after their next action from loss of blood and sheer exhaustion. They've already had one encounter with Black Fang here in the shrine. He did some major damage and ran towards the entrance to the shrine.


Valeros is the last to arrive at the Shrine. He's in great shape, but he lost his weapons somewhere along the way, all he has left is his armor and a useless mattock in hand. If he's going to beat something down he's gotta do it bare handed.


As he walks into the shrine, Black Fang peeks around a corner.


"AHHH.. there you are, I've been expecting you, warrior.", Black Fang bellows. 


"What's this? You come at me bare handed? My, my... You are a stupidly brash one, aren't you... well.. DIE for your idiocy!", Black Fang starts to rear his head back to spray acid in the vicinity of Valeros. 


Just then, the rest of the party runs into the large entrance alcove. Valeros screams 'GET BACK!! I'll rip this annoying wyrm's teeth out with my bare hands!" 


Seoni, Lini and Merisiel take the brunt of the spray of acid, taking more damage to their already torn and tired bodies. They can't take much more of this before they all collapse.


Valeros gets hit by the acidic deluge, but he sees a small fountain and runs through it washing it off, he ends up taking no damage. He continues running up a small incline and jumps at Black Fang in a kicking posture in a rage. "I'LL KICK YOUR HEAD OFF, QUACK FANG! RAAAAAHH" 


Lini seeing this unfold drops down to both knees and starts praying to any god that will listen.. 


As Valeros flies through the air at Black Fang, he connects with his heel right in Black Fangs eye and his leg sinks into Black Fang's eye socket and cracks into his skull. Valeros' momentum then slams black fangs head into a sharp ear sticking up on a decorative statue and the spear miraculously hits Black Fang in the other side of the head as Valeros pulls on Black Fang's horn and twists his head further in. 


Black Fang has a few last pangs of life then slumps down, his head caught on the statue. 


Valeros jumps down to the floor of the shrine, brushes himself off.


"Well, I guess he'll be sticking around here for a while....", Valeros japes... to the groans of his stalwart companions...


(Here's a screenshot of the last setup, I rolled a 14 on that 2d10+3)







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Fantastic! Never underestimate the power of Val's bare knuckle boxing skillz.



Because of this, Valeros will now forever sound like Arnold in my head. 8)


When writing Val, there's always an 80s action hero in my head full of swagger and ass-kicking.


Little known fact, when Wayne Reynolds was asked to create the art for Valeros, Paizo gave him Madmartigan as reference.


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This is thematically correct.
Those two gifs illustrate the difference between rolling a 1 and rolling a 20.

This also applies to life.
I did something similar at Renaissance Faire when trying to woo my future wife. I'll let you guys puzzle out which gif applies to the situation.

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