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Question here.  Can you replay a scenario to get the reward bonus?


My group of 4 (Valeros, Kyra, Harsk, Ezren)  just beat Black Fang's Dungeon to complete Perils of the Lost Coast.  The bonus for beating Perils of the Lost Coast was a skill feat for each character.  In the process of beating Black Fang's Dungeon Harsk died, therefore he didn't get the scenario reward which was a random item or the skill feat for beating the Adventure.  Can I go back and replay Black Fang's Dungeon with the same party of 4 and if I beat it will Harsk receive the skill feat, while the other 3 don't get one?  Also, I beat it on normal difficulty.  If I went back and beat it again on Heroic will all 4 members of the party receive another skill feat, or can you only get the skill feat once?

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Yes, if you replay it Harsk should get the skill feat, and the other party members won't get it since they've completed it previously.


I'm not sure how the higher difficulties work yet, though I don't believe you get the scenario rewards again.  I think it's mostly an opportunity for more gold and the chance to pick up more boons during the scenario.  Not sure what other rewards come from it.

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