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Examining an unoccupied location

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I don't have Scrying or a similar card that lets you examine a location deck you're not at, so I'm not sure how this works exactly, but I was wondering about the following:


Let's say I use Seelah's ability to examine the top card of a deck. Then the app lets me tap Examine again later on to take a peek at the cards I already saw, so I don't have to remember. Which is absolutely great, I love that. However, it appears I can do this only at locations that are currently occupied, at least I've not found a way to zoom into a location that I'm not currently at?


So if for example I saw the villain, then moved to a different location... if I forgot where the villain was, I don't see a way to find out other than moving to a location and hoping it was the right one, as the Examine button seems to only be there when I'm actually there too. Is there some way to get the Examine button on location decks other than the one I'm currently at? I know I can zoom out to the map to look at all the locations, but there's no Examine button for decks I should already know cards of there, and I can't seem to zoom in onto any other locations than the one I'm currently at.

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 Not only that, but the "look at the World Map" button is only available during the main part of your turn. If you have a "start of turn" option available (like the location that let's you recharge a card to draw a card) the map button goes away and you can't still look at the other locations until you decide whether or not you are rechatging a card. There's no good reason for that limitation.

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