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Deck C missing from Rise of the Runelords bundle



Originally, I had nothing from the RotR bundle, no characters, adventure packs, etc. They all still had "buy" available for -1 gold. After restarting the app a few times later in the day, those items are mostly there.


However, after playing awhile, I noticed that I wasn't encountering any C cards. 


Going to the store, I see that the Character Add-On Deck is still available to buy for 10,000 gold. I double-checked description of the Bundle, and it does in fact list it there. I go to the gallery and C deck is unavailable, and tells me I need to purchase the character add-on deck.


After some design decisions, I was very leery of purchasing anything with real money, but I went for it anyway, SPECIFICALLY because it had the C deck, and it'd be a better deal all around because of that. Bugs I understand, but not getting what I paid for is really putting me off. I really hope this isn't something that requires an update that has to get approved by Apple, etc, either. 

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I have the same issue.  After purchasing the Season Pass, I've received everything except the non-character cards from the C deck.  I can add the four C characters to a party (without being prompted to purchase them), but the Gallery shows I don't own any of the C cards and instead provides a link to the Store.  The C deck in the Store, instead of being listed as "Owned," has a purchase price of 10,000 gold.

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