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  1. 6 Treasure Chests for 5000 Gold? Are you sure that's correct, since one can buy 1 Treasure Chest for only 500 gold? Buying six of those would cost only 3000 Gold.
  2. The BotG is simply copying the Blessing of Lamashtu visible as the top card on blessings deck. It is giving you the ability to: "Discard this card to add 1 die to any check. Bury this card to add 2 dice to any check to defeat a monster." If you tap on the Blessings Deck, there should also be an option to toggle on/off the BotG/FotG copy ability. How did I not remember to check this? Thanks for reminding me!
  3. While playing the first scenario of AD1, Base Merisiel encountered the Henchman Tsuto Kaijitsu. For the check, she revealed her Mace: I then switched to Base Harsk who was going to discard his Blessings of the Gods to add another d8 to the check. But when I dragged it, the bury mound appeared; choosing it added 2d8 to the check. Alternatively, when I clicked on it, Discard and Bury were displayed: Unless I'm overlooking something, Bury shouldn't be allowed. In fact, I've never been given the option to bury a BotG card when adding a die to a check.
  4. I agree and decided to do just that so I don't accidentally add an "overpowered" card to a character's deck (which I've already done once). I prefer to find (or receive as scenario/adventure rewards) cards to add to my characters' decks via the Location decks.
  5. I agree that the addition of the Stash and Unclaimed tabs upsets the balance of the game. Like others, I want the pure experience with the chest cards possibly appearing in location decks; I don't want to bypass that mechanic via those two, new tabs, regardless of the card's AD number. But it truly is worse when the player's allowed to add, for example, an AD6 card to a character's deck who's about to start the first scenario in the B/C deck. Why aren't the decks of party members checked after a player selects an adventure before starting the game? Flag the decks that violate the rules regarding cards allowed in character decks between scenarios and allow the player to modify them. State something along the lines of, "Your character decks contain cards that are intended to be used in later scenarios. Using these cards will make this scenario easier than intended," with two choices: "Continue" and "Modify Decks". Choosing Modify Decks opens the typical deck management screen and flags the offending cards. I want the game to confirm my deck is valid or let me know it's more powerful than intended. Perhaps I want the pure experience and mistakenly added a "disallowed" card without realizing it. The game should alert me to this oversight, since it allows all cards to be added to a character's deck from the Stash and Unclaimed tabs.
  6. In your Collection with the Owned Filter active, if you own them, you'll find the Eder Ally and Pallegina Ally cards under the B tab, and the Goblin Golem of Obsidian Ally card under the P tab. Make sure you've also selected the Ally symbol.
  7. In your Collection with the Owned Filter active, if you own them, you'll find the Eder Ally and Pallegina Ally cards under the B tab, and the Goblin Golem of Obsidian Ally card under the P tab. Make sure you've also selected the Ally symbol.
  8. I bought the RotR Bundle on iOS on Day 1 and now have my PC Obsidian version (thanks to the Ambassador Program) linked to my iOS version (generated link code on iOS and input it on PC). But I made the mistake of leaving my iOS version running while inputting the link code into my PC Obsidian version. So when I check my Collection on PC and iOS, I don't have the following: Eder Ally card (shown under B tab, not P; shouldn't it be a P(romo) card instead of a B(ase) card?) Pallegina Ally card (shown under B tab, not P; shouldn't it be a P(romo) card instead of a B(ase) card?) Any of the Edge Legendary dice Shouldn't I have received three Edge Legendary dice? My PFID is E560BD1A571E012A.
  9. The devs have confirmed on these boards that the 10% coupon will stack with the current 25% discount and will be available before that discount expires.
  10. Did you log into Asmodee.net? Do you need an Asmodee.net account for any of this? If so, what for? Beats me. But trying to log into Asmodee.net will delete your existing runs (not hero progress) and all purchased DLC. Closing the app and relaunching it will restore your purchased DLC, but not your existing runs. I experienced this bug, as did others.
  11. While I appreciate the effort that went into this update, I can't fathom why the 'BUG: No Music on Older iDevices Under iOS 10' issue I first reported nearly 6 months ago still hasn't been fixed. Other players have reported the same issue. Why has this bug (in Unity games) managed to elude the PA devs, while other devs have squashed it in their apps in short order? Please fix this bug! Other bugs in v1.2.6: The gold ! on the Enhancements tab in the Store remains after viewing the tab Logging into one's Asmodee.net account wipes all in-progress parties and purchased content. Closing the app and relaunching it (without signing into Asmodee.net) restores the purchased content, but not the in-progress parties
  12. I'm disappointed to see the no-music bug on 32-bit iOS devices still hasn't been addressed.
  13. There appears to be a specific issue with Unity and devices running 32-bit iOS 10 (A6 processor). [i.e. iPad 4, iPhone 5/5c] [iOS] AUDIO WITH 'STREAMING' LOAD TYPE DOES NOT PLAY ON SOME DEVICES RUNNING IOS 10 I don't think there is a workaround, but Unity reportedly fixed the problem in 5.4.3.p1. As an FYI for the devs, Happy Hobgoblin (developers of Nyheim) just released an update that fixed their bug of no SFX or music due to the Unity engine. They weren't aware of this issue and what was causing it until I brought it to their attention.
  14. We have had one other person mention this issue. Very odd. We'll dig in and see if we can figure out what is going on. Consult with Handelabra Games on this, because it affected their game, as well, and they fixed it with an update. It's an issue in Unity.
  15. Devs, please fix the issue on older iOS devices (for me, on my iPad 4) in which music does not play. This bug has existed for several months. According to Handelabra Games (developers of Sentinels of the Multiverse), this bug is due to the Unity engine. It affected SotM, as well. They've since issued an update that corrected the issue. So please, if need be, consult with them and fix this issue.
  16. We have had one other person mention this issue. That would be me, two days ago.
  17. Ever since update 1.1.5, I haven't had music in PA while playing on my iPad 4 under iOS 10.1.1 (I have music while playing on my iPhone 6 Plus under iOS 10.1.1). According to Handelabra, the developers of Sentinels of the Multiverse, it's due to a recent bug in Unity that also affected their game. Last week, though, Handelabra released an update to SotM to resolve the bug. So I was disappointed that this bug still existed in PA, and still exists in PA 1.1.6. Are you aware of this bug?
  18. As a Rise of the Runelords Bundle owner (and since the Alt bundles/Alt individuals include the original characters), I strongly feel RotR Bundle owners should receive at most a 50% discount (Alt bundles should cost $14.99 and the Alt individuals should cost 3500 or 3000 gold). There's no way I'm paying $29.99 or 7000/6000 gold for these Alts, since I already own the original characters.
  19. In the version prior to 1.1.3, the values on the Cards List tab were missing, but they're back in 1.1.3. Now the die types are missing! Doh!
  20. The die types noted on the Skills tab are absent during skill feat reward: They were present prior to 1.1.3. Running on iPad 4 under iOS 9.3.5.
  21. I'm not sure what I was thinking posting the report in this forum. Thanks for the heads-up!
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