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Forced to discard down too early.



Acquired a card that brought my hand size to one over maximum and even though I had a Blessing in my hand, it forced me to discard before the end of my turn.


After choosing a card to discard, I could then use a blessing to continue my exploration.


I play the physical game as well, and if I am supposed to discard down to my hand size IMMEDIATELY rather than the end of my turn, then I have been playing wrong for years.

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Please note when you are over your hand size you will see the discard icon appear on the right part of the screen. This is just the next step you can take. If you press that you will be taken to the discard phase. You can continue to play cards in your hand (if applicable). The button is there to let you know what the next step is and to bring you to it when you are ready.

That being said after discarding you should not have been able to explore again. Without the big picture though I'm not sure whats happening, it could have been a scenario power or a card you encountered that had a power that made you do it. If this happens again, can you please take a quick screenshot and send it along. Thanks!

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