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  1. I just wanted to pop in here and say something that I haven't seen said yet on this forum. Thanks you Obsidian for giving us new content! Many thought you had abandoned the game and I, and many others I'm sure, are super excited that this isn't the case. I am just as excited to see where this goes from here. Hoping you have a great Steam launch that funds a Skull and Shackles, or any of the other base games. We now return to our normally scheduled bitch session.
  2. Killing the app and restarting it worked for the gold button. Thanks!
  3. You guys rock for making the most addictive game I have played in a very long time. You guys suck for making the most addictive game I have played in a very long time. Been playing pretty much non stop since it came out and the app is QUITE an achievement. I hope and think it will win multiple app of the year awards. I do have a question about the Daily Gold. Before I set it down last night, it had more hours to go till I could pick up my gold than I was willing to stay up for. This morning I log in and it says it's 17 more hours.. the blurb says I get the gold daily for just logging in, but you have to press the "Pick up Gold" button? Does the gold auto appear when I log in or do I have to press the button? Also, I know you guys have to be tight lipped about pack releases, but do you have a timeframe for an update that will fix the Quest thing and other bugs? Been checking the App Store daily. Also, I can't wait the Multiplayer/Steam release. Not only so I can get it and play with friends online, but so that you guys can make a pile of money and confirm Skull and Shackles. Anyway, I know it probably has been a stressful release week but speaking for myself and other friends that are playing (and cursing me for telling them to play and now they are addicted) you have released an awesome product.
  4. I will say that it speaks to the balance of the game that it comes down to the last couple of turns a good bit. Really have to strategize on those last 5 or so. Also, just curious, when are you going back to do the harder ones? Immediately after the scenario? I'm into the 3rd scenario and haven't done challenging on the 2nd yet.
  5. I would also suggest some YouTube vids of playthroughs for the physical game. It can be daunting for beginners but it's an awesome game and Obsidian has done an awesome job with it.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. Playing the digital version has taught me how WRONG I have been playing the physical. Once multiplayer is in, it will be the way to play with friends. We always thought the game was too easy. It is easy when not following all the rules. Hehe
  7. After poison pill I ran into the same issue, but the green arrow was lit and after pressing it, I had all the basic cards show up to fill the deck with. I wish I had all the basics in between to choose from in available. Maybe in future update?
  8. In the physical game, you always had access to the Basic cards to add in between scenarios and I haven't figured out if I can do that in the digital. Will poke around some more. Thief needs healing... Badly.
  9. Acquired a card that brought my hand size to one over maximum and even though I had a Blessing in my hand, it forced me to discard before the end of my turn. After choosing a card to discard, I could then use a blessing to continue my exploration. I play the physical game as well, and if I am supposed to discard down to my hand size IMMEDIATELY rather than the end of my turn, then I have been playing wrong for years.
  10. Having a great time in the game, but wanted you guys to be aware of a potentially serious problem. If I reveal a weapon in combat, then change my mind and want to discard for extra dice rolls instead, when I click on the X at the left, the weapon card is left in limbo and I can no longer click it. After the turn is over, I think it goes to the discard pile, but a copy of the card is still hanging around and mucking up the UI. It even seems to persist on the map screen. I have since learned to be SURE what I want to do with weapon cards. Also, this doesn't seem to be a problem for any other type of card, just weapons. iOS 9.3.1 Thanks
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