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Whisper of Treason Not Working Correctly



I made this post in the general discussion a while back and other people mentioned they were seeing the same thing.



The charm effect from whisper of treason on my PC cipher keeps ending prematurely at seemingly random times, not depending on the number of enemies or if they are attacking or being attacked.


Also from the latest update Whisper is now a fast cast but it takes noticeably longer than other fast casts from cipher or other casters. It is difficult for me to get the exact cast time but it is closer to an average cast when I have cipher and another class simultaneously cast a spell to check their times.

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In my experience the charm effect will end on any periodic AOE effect, and also whenever there's a disengagement attack, which happens a lot with mobs who have longer engagement than weapon range and many engagement slots (eg: Magran's Faithful Soldiers). You charm one, it walks into range to attack the other, gets hit by a disengagement attack, charm is broken.


I 100% concur on the fast cast. It's not exactly fast.

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