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Do abilities automagically "miss" when you cast something on a teleporting target?

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I don't have a save available and the log is a bit bountiful since I didn't quit the game right away (promptly won the fight, quicksaved over it, and went on with my business), and I'm not sure this is a bug at all and more like a gameplay question. 


If you can't see well on the screenshot:


Greater Earth Elemental engages Character

Greater Earth Elemental activates Teleport Through Earth

Accuracy: 103 - Will: 73 =30. Roll: 63 + 30 = 93 (Miss)

Character (Enigma's Charm) misses Greater Earth Elemental


I was surprised to notice that since I took the hit for granted during the fight. Did I miss because of the Teleport?


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Good question - that should have been a hit (nearly a crit).


It's the reverse thing that I experince all the time: an Ogre raises his club to crush me, I run away with boots of speed and resting bonus and whatnot. When his club hits the ground I'm at the edge of the map... aaand receive a hit and go prone. Stupid...

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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