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[3.02] Are skeletal fighters supposed to hit you for 160+ damage?



Copperlane Catacombs (near A Voice from the Past quest). Skeletal fighter procced Confident Aim and hit my Paladin tank for 149 damage (164 - 15 DR). Note that it wasn't a crit (CA converts grazes into regular hits).




It's PotD, of course, but still...


Reloaded. Got Edér hit for over 200.


Save file

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That's probably what happened, yes.


Still, it's pretty annoying. In one form or another, improperly stacking bonuses have existed since release. Can't this problem be solved once and for all?


OTOH, I'd like to encounter more legit hard hitters outside of TWM. This bugged fight made me cast Despondent Blows - something I probably wouldn't do otherwise because there are few enemies that can threaten a defensively oriented party.

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