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Lets go Shopping......



Hey there :)


In the store, when you go to the Specials it displays the Rise of the Runelords Bundle.  After talking about our Shoes, the bundle goes on to state:


"Get complete access to all of the Rise of the Runelords content." Upon reading this sententce, I expect that when I purchase this bundle I will receive the following content:


The remaining nine Characters

The Character Add on Deck cards

All bonus character cards

Adventure Deck 1

Adventure Deck 2

Adventure Deck 3

Adventure Deck 4

Adventure Deck 5

Adventure Deck 6


When I continue reading, I am confused, as the bundle specifically mentions Adventure Deck 1 - Adventure Deck 6, but does not specifically mention anything else.


Is it possible you could be more specific about what else the Rise of the Runelords Bundle contains, other than Adventure Deck 1 - Adventure Deck 6.


Thank you

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