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Bug: weapons buried incorrectly



I apologize for this horrible bug report, but it's happened twice, both times when I wasn't in a position to take notes and then got whisked away into businessness the moment I stepped in the office.


Basically, what's happening is when I display a weapon as a combat check for a monster that has an alternate skill check (spectre?), if you play a blessing, it tends to change to the other skill check (divine), but the weapon still shows displayed. However, if you hit the red X, it just cancels the blessing die and the weapon can't be interacted with. If you proceed through the check, the card still sits there. Force-closing the app (on iOS) and reopening makes the card display go away, but the weapon is then in the buried stack. I've had this happen with Seoni and Lim. I don't remember what the first monster was, but I'm fairly certain it was different monsters.


I did find a workaround a third time it came up by playing the blessing first, then the weapon.


Again, apologies, I know this is all from faded memory, so not specific, but hoping this is a known issue. If not, I'll somehow manage to validate the bug with better details (I'm swamped with 75+ hour work weeks in the immediate future though, so no holding anyone's breath)

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I understand the pain of long work weeks!


Thanks for what your provided!  It sounds similar to the other reveal/bury/discard issues people have had with cancelling.  We'll look into this with the blessing and see what we find.

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