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[Class Build] Shapechange druid strongest class?

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I played like ever char in the game, and my last play was shapechange stag druid. I need to say that this class suprised me, he take out everything quite easy. Storm from lvl 5 spells stun everything on the screen, if we have high int, stag carnage hit 360degrees from our char for even 130dmg. As far as i observed, the lesser monk transcendent suffering work with stag claw, so damage is quite crazy. Stag form allow us to attack around 10 times, in high lvl 10 attacks can take out almost every enemy. This is realy good class and quite fun to play.


Race - any, i choose nature godlike, becouse he is the weakest ;)


Might max for high spells dmg

Intelligence Max for long storm/stun duration.

rest of the stats just 10


Also lvl 4 wave spell stun for around 14 sec (base duration), and that is the longest duration from all stun spells in the game.

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They are all dual wielding I think. Novice's Suffering doesn't work with spiritshift weapons - it also says it in the talent despription. If you skill towards Spiritshift the melee damage really gets nasty.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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If you wear items with Spell Holding (like Sanguine Plate or Shod-in-Faith for example) and you receive a crit in kith form then the spell gets triggered. You can then spiritshift and the spell keeps on going. So you could say it works as one might expect. But you can never be sure in PoE. ;)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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