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Ranger pet weapon set switching



Not sure if this is even a bug (maybe it's a "feature"?) or if it has been addressed elsewhere, but I can't find anything in the forums.


Here's the rub: pressing the "switch weapon set" hotkey while the pet is highlighted un-equips his default attack.  This turns the normally-ferocious Itumaak's fangs-of-death into harmless nuzzles -- you can see this reflected in the combat log in the attached image where I pressed the swap weapon sets hotkey every 3 attacks, causing his reliable damage output to drop to the minimum (vs a relatively heavily-armored Aloth).  It's basically as if the pet has the npc default two weapons sets, but only one is equipped with its normal attack, and the other is bare fists (hence the puny crushing damage output).  Of course, this isn't visible at all because the pet doesn't have a paper doll on which weapons or trinkets can be equipped, or a quick inventory toolbar showing what's equipped.


Is this common knowledge and I'm just now figuring it out?  




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