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Issue with char's apperance





i am a recent client, purchesed the game via Steam. Sadly i have an issue and didnt found an existing post in the forum about it so i was hoping youi can help me



when i log to my saved game the characters are there ( i can see the green marker that srrounds them) and i can see their wepons but the characters themselves are gone. when isuue orders they respond with sound but i cant see them. sometimes it happens to enemies as well.

also at times (not all times) when i level up a char i cant see it either and when i press the "Done" button the game stucks.


steps to recreat the issue:


it happens when i am loading a saved game. mind you it happens most of the times but not always and since i first reached my stronghold it happens almost every time. 


here is a link to a rar file with all you require to investigate this issue:



thank you

i hope for a quick response


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it seems to have worked Ty!

when i Verified, at first it wrote that there was one file he couldnt verify so the file was downloaded again or something.

i verified again just to make sure. second time it just went smoothly.


i got in a few time it it smmes to have solved it


ty :)

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