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What are console commands for upscaling Act 3 and WM 2 , also after what events i get promted to choose upscale for Act 3 ? WM2 ? What levels i need for those ?

My party is currently lvl 9 , MC almost lvl 10 and I have done everything in Act 2 also 5 levels of endless paths now im going to start White march and i wont need console to upscale WM for the first part i guess because im already lvl 9 , but the thing is i want to visit Hearthsong market before i go to White March and my level is not high enough to upscale Act 3 just yet , also i would like to upscale WM2 part beforehand so i get hardest endgame encounters

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The command is ToggleScaler <scaler> and it is not necessary to activate cheats before.

The <scaler>'s are ELMSHORE_HIGH_LEVEL for Act III and PX2_HIGH_LEVEL for WM2.


You can type ShowScalers if you want to see which Scalers are active.

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No. Honestly, I've no idea what went wrong. Just type ToggleScaler ELMSHORE_HIGH_LEVEL

Worked for me...


EDIT: Maybe it was already active and you toggled it off?

I got promted to upscale act 3 at level 10 , as soon as i entered elmshore so it kinda worked i guess , MC being lvl 10 after doing only act 2 with 6 man party is kinda hilarious tho :D Edited by Blunderboss
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