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So the new companion "The Devil of Caroc" makes me wonder if I could make some of my charcaters look like other things for the sake of variety like druid that actually looks like a bear instead of those weird spiritshape looks or in my case make a character look like a male animat or something else similar so I can have "Robo" from Chrono Trigger in my party.


So yeah is that possible and/or is there a mod or guide how to do that.

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short answer:  I'm sure it is possible, given there are asset editors you can use to edit your characters.

long answer:

go here:


and grab the asset bundle extractor, then go to the data folder where the assets are located, make a backup of the character you want to play with, and follow the instructions for how to edit an asset properly.

instructions that will help can be found here:


however, those only tell you how to edit stats.  it's possible the same file also contains model data for your character, but I haven't looked.

good luck!


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Thanks I'll look into that :D

Try to use forum search ( not sure this was in this forum ) but , long ago when poe was released there was a thread made by some guy who tried to play as Fampyr , u should find some useful stuff there .


EDIT : It actually was this forum :) , here


Although he did not change character model he spawned some interesting weapons , maybe you can spawn armor like DoC body

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 maybe you can spawn armor like DoC body


MAYBE gold armor (full plate) and gold helmet (full face) on a dwarf could satisfy the visual element but that would limit equipment options...anyone know of a good database of available equipment w/pictures?


Class wise I'd probably go fighter or maybe rogue (Robo was the only playable character without magic) with a bunch of IE mod implanted talents some sort of weird Unarmed/Blunderbuss Combo. Prob Quick Switch....ACTUALLY! I wonder if can spawn in the "Long Pain" fists...that would be perfect (Rocket fists FTW)


Than using Eternity Keeper you can change the "Race" to "Advanced construct"...beyond that I'd think some inspiration from DnDs Warforged, SWSEs Droids and Pathfinders Androids for "Construct Racial Abilities" like immunity to poison, fear and disease and something equivalent to DnDs "fortification" but reduced healing.


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