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I have a question about ligatures. Really, what is the reason behind making such a feature? I had them turned on for an entire playthrough and the amount of them was next to nothing. Please prove me wrong, because the only place I see ligatures is when there are letters S and T next to each other. I see literally no other effect.




The first giveaway is in the name of the famous Aedyr Empire. I thought that turning ligatures on will give you something like Ædyr. And a certain popular lord would be Rædric.


Am I missing something here?

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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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Heya Messier-31,


The most noticeable is for sure "st", but I believe there's a total of 10(maybe 15?) ligatures in the game. I couldn't find a list of all that are supported, but you should keep an eye out for more subtle ones. I'm a big fan of "ft" and "fi"  ;)



I try my very best.

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