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So I was watching Kaylon's handling of the Alpine Dragon on solo PotD (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83925-ranger-solo-vs-alpine-dragon-potd/) and it got me thinking what kind of Lore do people recommend on solo play? I guess it's probably 8 or nothing, do you think 8 Lore is important for those tricky battles on solo or not?


Ideally, I don't want to invest in Lore on my current build (low Dex tanky Moon Godlike Rogue with Veteran's Recovery) as I'll be getting a lot of spell uses from items (Ring of Changing Heart, etc.) and Survival on the whole has a lot more to offer. With the low Dex too, I doubt I'd be able spam the spells quick enough to stack them like Kaylon did. However, if people do think it is vital to these battles I'll reconsider. I don't want to respec, which is why I wanted to know now.

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I will have some item based CC (Overwhelming Wave, Dominate, etc.) and the character I think should be able to tank quite well in theory (Vet's Recovery plus Silver Tide is good for 500+ Endurance with my Might). Seeing as I want Viettro's Formal Footware on the build I was thinking of having a Lore of 1 so I could hit 4 with that equipped and use Defense scrolls.


I guess I'll see how it goes for these tougher battles, it does seem like high survival out-weighs the benefits of investing heavily in Lore for most instances. I guess with Deep Wounds and Retaliate so long as I can keep my character alive for long enough any melee enemy will die.

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