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Please bring back the former 'Quick Items slot' UI.

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I just started The White March 2, and discovered the Quick Items slot is hidden under the 'bag shaped icon'. I can understand why devs made some changes on UI, and most of them are quite neat, but I think hiding 'quick items slot' was the worst decision. What's the point of the 'quick items' if I have to dig up every bag to find quick items? I use many scrolls, potions, and figurines and have to change them quite often. Please bring back the former 'quick items slot'. At least give me some options to reveal my 'quick items' list.

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Doesn't bother me much other than forgetting to look under it to see what's available in the heat of battle but then I rarely use consumables anyway...(so far)

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I'm actually appreciating the change. It makes characters that have a lot of selectable abilities feel a little more organized, and it reminds me of how the Infinity Engine handled such things.


I guess you just have to get used to checking it.

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