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[BUG] 3.02-beta - Glittering Gauntlets do not apply Dazed on Monk unarmed attacks





The Glittering Gauntlets is an item one obtains from Legendary Adventure The Glass Tree.


They add 9 deflection and are Dazzling:

Characters hit by Self: Dazed for 6.0 sec


Rapid testing seems to show that the Dazed effect does not proc on my monks' unarmed attacks.

It does proc on my barbarian's armed attacks.


Edit: testing yields the following results, tests run on Adragan and Kith :

Monk unarmed : no proc

Monk armed : proc

Barbarian unarmed : no proc

Barbarian armed : proc

Barbarian armed carnage : proc





This is vanilla with no mods, patched to 3.02-beta but the bug happens on 3.01 as well.

This is a clean install from 2 days ago.

This is an old save from summer 2015, before 3.0 and WM.

The Monk has Lavender Wreath which applies Sickened on being hit.

The Monk has Enervating Blows which apply Weakened on crits.

The cyclopedia lists neither of these as overriding DazedDazed does not show up on the enemy at all, not even as Suppressed.





100% reproducible, unarmed attacks do not trigger the Dazed proc.






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