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Game Client Crash during Thaos Fight v.




Game Client crashes during Thaos fight or shortly after


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

Load automatic save game, created after discussion with Thaos finished and juist before the fight, sooner or later into the fight, application crash.






- possible doublepost as I cant see my previous post in teh forum (yet?)


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Hey Ingvalion,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us. Just so you know, your first 5 post have to be approved, so thats why you weren't seeing your posts. 


As for your issue, try verifying your game cache and see if that works. In your Steam library, right click PoE > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache.



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Hey Aarik D,


thank you for the warm welcome, the game cache had been verified previously, I forgot to put that in my original post (did not produce anything unexpected). In any case I had a go at it now and completed the game with just 2 crashes (2 overall reloads of a previously created save game). I managed to quick save after the fight and take it from there. Credits did run through and that was that.

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