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Gamebreaking bug, please help- Character casts spell but nothing happens



It seems to only be Hiravias, but I'm not entirely certain.


Basically, any spell, or action I do besides basic attack doesn't execute. He will do the animations, as if he is casting the spell, but nothing happens. For example, if I cast 'Moonwell,' he will raise his arms in the air, but nothing appears, and the spell-per-rest counter doesn't changed, as if he never used it in the first place. Basically, I've done battles, thinking he was fighting, and casting spells, until I noticed he was firing blanks the entire time.


If I reload the game, he seems to work okay for the first fight, but not much later he breaks again.



I have a high level party working through the White March Part 1 (level 13). I have verified game cache integrity to no avail. 


Any help is much appreciated.



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Here is all my information:




After a couple fights / few minutes Hiravias becomes bugged when executing spells, 'shooting blanks' and unable to do anything but Basic Attack. He will 'charge' the spells in his Recovery time, as if it's working, but no spell will actually execute.


Steps to reproduce the issue:



Destroy a mob.


Fight another mob. 

Starts happening the 2nd or 3rd or 4th fight in, (after I restart the game)


Important files:


I included my most recent save, and the previous save just in case you needed it. The output log is also in the zip file.





System specs:


DXDiag is attached


Thank you for your help. Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to add for support.


Edit: PS Also I didn't mean the title to be pretentious, I was just freaking out, worried bout 180 hour campaign XD


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Hey gruelest,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us. Apologize for the delay. Fortunately we are aware of the bug and currently working on a fix.


Thanks a bunch!

Cool, look forward to it. Thanks.


Something went wrong in that last flight. You barely escaped with your life. Hiravias anxiously paces about the camp, kicking rocks into the fire until he begins to shake on his knees. You decide to suspend the campaign, and head back to Caed Nua for the sake of keeping everyone alive. You ordered a truck of chicken noodle soup. That should do the trick.

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Try verifying your game cache in Steam as well. I notice some errors in your log. In your steam library, right click PoE > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity.



Yes I have verified the steam cache many times, 'all files validated successfully.' Thanks. 


Edit: To clarify, it doesn't fix the bug.

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I am writing here (and I know it is a very old thread I am posting in) just because that I have encountered this particular bug a lot, like all the time, here in 2021.
It is potentially one of the best games I have played, but this bug actually ruins it severely, unfortunately. It is not fixed.
Or else it is another version or expression of some similar bug.

For me it seems totally random.

It can be any character or npc who tries to cast a spell where the character or npc will display the casting animation and then just suddenly stop and fire blank and even go into recovery mode as if the spell was cast, even though it was not. Then sometimes I am able to cast the same spell in my second try, sometimes in my third attempt and then sometimes in a few fights once and in awhile spells are actually being cast as they are supposed to the first time without fail. But yea, to me it seems totally random and I have tried without certain combinations and with them, casting the spell in isolation and together with a lot of other debuffs and buffs being activated on the same time, I see no difference.

The only pattern I see is that this has only happened with spells that have an average or slow casting time, never with fast casting time.
I have no idea why this is happening, but it can severely kill my will to play the game, when you have a fun tough challenging fight on hard and you really need to time and place your spells very precisely to make it all work out and you spend a lot of time thinking about the order of commands and plan ahead like a chess game and then 'bam', bug made your 2 crucial spells do nothing and you have to start over again... it is just like... 'meh' ... then rather do something else than toil around with this since it happens in every other fight all the time.

Yea, not super high hopes here, but just writing in case anyone would know anything about this and help out at all.

Good day to anyone reading this


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