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Staff of Minor Healing bug, all progress lost



I used the Staff of Minor Healing with Merisiel, which locked up the game. I've used the staff millions of times (or, maybe ~20) and never had an issue. As the game is frozen now, I can give you all the details you like that I don't think to add here.


I had 2 cards in discard pile, 9 in draw pile.

I used the staff on the explore phase of turn before actually exploring.

When I first used it, the Staff card moved over to the draw deck, as if being moved to bottom, still being face up. No card from the discard moved over with it. The location deck was highlighted as if expecting me to use it, though I could not interact with it in any way. I clicked on every deck, and every card in my hand... I was able to view the discard and draw piles normally, but no other interaction.

I closed the game, and restarted (several times now, including just quitting and restarting, to logging out, force-closing the app, and restarting). Now I have the blue right arrow to "proceed" on the screen, but clicking that and anything else does nothing aside from letting me view existing decks.

I am able to click Kyra's avatar to look at her hand, but nothing there can be interacted with (as expected).

I am at the desecrated vault.

I am playing Black Fang's Dungeon on 2nd difficulty level.

Screenshot here

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