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Stuck in combat in Russetwood




I'd like to report a bug that's preventing me from continuing the game. After the fight with some pack of ice trolls and those weird 4-armed fishmen with their broodmother in Russetwood I can't get out of combat. Please help. And yes i made sure there were no other creeps around to fight anymore.


Here are the links for save before the fight and log:




Also there are some small cosmetic bugs:

When wizard's tentacles from the new spell are hit with petrify they sometimes linger on the spot petrified even after the spell ends and what's worse they keep following me around when my party gets to new indoor location. I'ts kinda creeping me out.


And some literal bug: Adra beetle spawned from the usable item sometimes stays as a pet after the normal duration. When the pet beetle gets killed it fortunately stays dead.

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