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What happened to my companions?



Ok so I have been struggling with this for a while but basically I think around the begin of act II my party became fixed with the characters I had at that time. Where as I used to have all my companions on the roster at Caed Nua and I could switch them around making parties of different make up, suddenly and I cannot remember exactly when they disappeared and return back to the locations where I first found them. So the Grieving mother is back at the Drfold Village, Hiravias is at the Stormwall Gorge etc etc. When I approach them and talk there are no options to have them join me again even if I have empty slots available. While this is mostly just annoying as I because they can not longer level along with the rest of my party it is most frustrating because there are unfinished tasks and quests which are linked to this characters that I can never complete because they cannot come with me.


Now I have been playing this from the first release (I was a backer) and so I am thinking maybe some patch may have corrected a bug but left me with this problem. Of course now I have moved on and on with the existing party but I am thinking now I am meeting new enemies I could really do with a druid or a cipher but I cannot add them to the party.


Has this happened to anyone else? Is it is expected behaviour? Is it a bug? What can I do to resolve it? Can my save files be fixed to repair this problem?


Thanks for any help.



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Hey kickthezombie,


There was an old bug which would cause your companions to go missing due to save data corruption, but it has been fixed. However, this is not a retroactive fix. Once the data gets corrupted, there isn't a way we can fix that. You will have to load up an older save before your companions become missing or start a fresh save.


I apologize if this cases you any inconveniences. 

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