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White March Part I completely unplayable



The entire screen, apart from the UI, is pink when I first go to Stalwart Village. See below:




I mentioned this bug for Cragholdt Bluffs, where only the moving particles where replaced by pink crap.


Looking elsewhere, it seems like a clean install is the only way to go (see here), as I patched to 3.01 on top of the original 3.00 White March parts I and II version - still that implies every time I want to patch, I'm going to have to fully un-install the game, then reinstall with the correct White March versions, then I'm good to go, which takes ages. GOG doesn't provide separate v3.00 -> v3.01 patches for White March, so I'm going to re-download 5 GB of expansion just to get to play them - with my internet speed that'll be 2-3 hours combined with the very slow install too.


Please can you sort out whatever ridiculous problem is causing this bug, your patches should not be making this happen. Plenty of other games have managed to implement a system where you can install the latest version of a patch and it not render the expansion unplayable. Either that, or have GOG release some way to update White March to the appropriate version outside of 5 GB download and fresh install - as far as I can tell, there isn't any option for that.


Here's a save, if you needed it:




It's my most recent autosave, so it should be correct - I can't save at Stalwart Village otherwise as it goes straight to combat.

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GOG is responsible for putting together those patches, not Obsidian.


Also, some people do manage to get a working game with them. I think you have to:

  • install the whole sequence of patches without gaps (e.g. 2.02->2.03, 2.03->3.00, 3.00->3.01)
  • install both the basegame patches and expansion patches together
  • maybe even follow a specific install order (that part is the subject of myths and rumors ;))

I've settled on downloading the full installers again each time, myself. It means I have to wait a little longer, but it's less of a hassle.

"Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them." -- attributed to George Orwell

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Even if it is GOG's responsibility, Obsidian shouldn't be happy that a retailer of their game is providing bad service and they should be getting onto them about it. I have also contacted GOG about this, so hopefully they'll sort it out. I'm going to try and download the expansions themselves and see if it's possible to write them over what is already installed, still as I mentioned the downloads take ages at my internet speed (fibre optic isn't available in my area unfortunately).

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confirmed.  I bought the full version of the game when it was white march 1 with its latest patch, then got white march 2.

then I installed the update for white march 2.

...and got missing textures for a lot of things.

so how do I go about fixing that? 

If i leave it at the 3.0 version, none of the textures are missing, but then you have the other bugs that the 3.01 patch fixed.


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hmm.  maybe if I reinstall the original white march 2 on TOP of the patch?


well, at least it allows that, so I didn't have to reinstall to get back to the original version.


I wonder if reinstalling wm part 1, installing the patch for THAT, then installing part 2 and installing the patch for that will work?


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OK, what I'm going to try:

-install pillars base latest
-install patch base latest
-install white march 1 latest
-install white march 1 patch latest
-install white march 2 latest
-install white march 2 patch latest

wish me luck.


ah, I think I see what's going on.

I think I need to install the latest patches for EACH part AFTER I finish a full install of all 3 parts.

it's just that you expect one patch to update all of the game, not just the latest bit.

man, what a hassle.

thanks Gog.


it finally works.


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