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Patch 2.03 "stealth" nerfed it to 20 (was not in patch notes). Before that it was 25. Same patch increased fighter from 25 to 30 deflection. So paladin is now 10 less deflection compared to fighter.

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Not to mention nerfs to both Faith and Conviction and Deep Faith.


Obs wanted fighters to have better deflection than palas. But instead of making Defender actually good, killing 2 birds with 1 stone, they decided to introduce potential balance problems by touching paladins.

Vancian =/= per rest.

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Don't anybody say paladins are bad now just because their base deflection is a bit lower than fighters'. Still an awesome class. Just don't reduce it to tanking. Use chanter for that. ;)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Paladin was always weird as a melee tank, because whenever Pallegina went to cast any of those paladin powers, the engagement lock broke and the enemies just retargeted somebody else. Although I noticed that doesn't happen as much now with the AI, so long as I avoid AOE attacks.


Defender should have had an aoe bubble or damage deflection like the new fighter talent. Putting an aoe tanking ability that far up the level, is not so good for the class build. Doesn't need to be very powerful, even 10-20% of damage redistributed to the fighter can really change how it plays with Defender in the start.


Active abilities like grabbing an enemy and pulling them back, is too micro for a fighter's normal defensive zero micro playstyle. Cone attacks, battering ram sweeps, aoe deflections, enlarging the fighter's circle space to take up more terrain (that was always a neat trick in Temples of Elemental Evil, casting enlarge on a fighter to make them take up more space), would have added basic and more flexible tactics to a starter fighter's repertoire. Soaking up damage, and then applying a hit to graze effect, less than zealous endurance, would have added something new to the fighter, if it was combined with a limited time modal that also redistributed damage party members took.


But would have required them to retool those fighter modals. Limited duration modals, like the druid shapeshift, can be really easy to balance. Rather than permanent modals. Since they made constant recovery not so constant any more, they can do the same thing with modals, and buff up their power as a result. It's something Obsidian really should have thought about before White March 2 came out, though.

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I'm always mad at this game for iumproving the paladin more and more, so such a slight nerf isn't even worth thinking about.

I took my solo paladin which who I beat ver 2.03 and gave him two hirelings for company to have an easier time beating 3.01.

(Loaded a save previous to fighting Thaos)

Now I found the executioners hood and am mad how much that improves a solo paladin again, endurance on kills (Sacred Immolation...) and accuracy bonus on enemy misses, lol.

I think henever I solo this game paladin will taunt me to pick it a 3rd time.

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