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Marshal Forwyn and crowd of angry villagers still around after finishing Battle of Yenwood



Issue: the crowd of angry villagers (with the Marshal) are still in front of my keep entrance even after I finished the Battle of Yenwood. The Marshal is also still in my Great Hall. I can talk to him and initiate the Battle; the cutscene happens and I can go through all the dialogue options, though the ones I've already chosen are greyed out. Then when I select the "charge" option, it loads the Yenwood fields map, which is empty (as appropriate, because I already fought the battle.)


Not a big deal. Livens up my stronghold a bit. :)

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And why does Aloth say "Better indeed." everytime when returning to the keep?


The game had a number of sound files for NPCs that were never hooked up and never played. Among them, comments on your progression restoring Caed Nua; guess that's what Aloth's remark is (barks for clicking repeatedly on a character and for friendly fire were hooked up in 3.0.) Perhaps firing it every time you visit the stronghold is a bit too often?

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