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Did they ever fix load times?

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I was enjoying POE about a year back but had to stop half way through because the load times became redonculous. I want to reinstall the game but if this problem wasn't solved I won't bother. I have a strong PC handles all other games well.

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I just measured with a stopwatch under V3.01, in act II with both WM's installed, starting when I pushed the "Continue" button at the main menu, and stopping when the game loaded.  It was consistently 8 seconds for me over three tries.  That's from a spinning disc (no SSD), and it was a mid-high end computer about 2 years ago.


Not sure if that counts as "fixed" for you or not, but there it is.

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Hey poeteskimo,


We have definitely made a few strides to drop our load times since release. As long as you keep your save folder to a reasonable size (not 1 million saves) you should be fine.


I got your back


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