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Hey Guys, Would someone take a minute to explain some things about retaliation please.


1- Retaliation items do stack right? So You could have 3-4 items with it and get that many separate attacks off one retaliation?


2- Does the mob need to hit you or do you retaliate on any attack?


3-As for deep wounds and retaliate does the Dot stack or only one at a time? Even if it doesn't stack you'd still get raw dmg applied to each retaliation right? just only have one dot stay on.



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Not all retaliation items stacks - just from shield + another armor part (helm/cloak/armor).

You have to be hit at least with a graze to retaliate.

Deep wound doesn't stack - every attack (your own/retaliation/riposte) will just refresh its duration, you won't get more dmg.

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Right - the duration just gets refreshed. So the ticks of 3 to 4 points of raw damage every 3 secs keep coming and don't wear off. So you kind of get more damage by reapplying it - compared to a one time application of 5 sec. But it's not that it stacks or something.


However - Deep Wounds with retaliation is nice nevertheless because you kind of apply it in an AoE if you get surrounded and it keeps ticking even if the enemy stops attacking you. And since retaliation is a pierce autohit (no miss, no graze, no crit) you will always apply it. Even if the enemies are immune to pierce damage or have superhigh deflection. Even if you are prone, stunned and so on. That's why I think it's good with retaliation.

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If you're tanking with your Rogue and on a higher difficulty (which makes sense if you're using Retaliate as you have to take hits), it's nice to have that steady trickle of damage and it allows you to kill weaker enemies automatically after a little bit of time. I'm still stun-locked by Phantoms on my solo play, but Deep Wounds and Retaliation kills them pretty easily - one of the many uses.


On regular Rogue builds however you're right - it can be not overly great.

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Can't people solo kite the phantoms and just shoot them with ranged weapons? They split off depending on how far they get from each other and their original patrol areas. A passive dot might be pretty good in those circumstances.


Kana chanter's phantom summon always stunned on a hit or graze. I thought that was pretty useful.

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