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Game-breaking Bug: White March zone not appearing on map



OK the game-breaking bug is that I cannot travel to the White March, since the zone does will appear on my map. At the same time, I get the message "The Steward of Caed Nua has received a letter for you" which appears *every time* I load into any map area. But the steward has no message for me, there are no dialog options that start the White March. I've talked to her a dozen times. Tried restarting, etc. All I can choose are:


1. What is the state of the keep?

2. I have some questions.

3. [leave] Farewell.


If I select 2, then there is a subdialog where I can ask about Concelhaut and the Torn Bannermen... but its just for info, it doesn't reveal the map area.


I played through White March part I before a few times, if I recall there should be a dialog that starts it (receiving the letter from the steward).


I am on a mac, I got pillars and both White March 1 and 2 via GOG. In this game with bug I have beat the battle of Yenwood already. But the bug happened long before that, its been going on for 4 levels of my characters. I kept thinking something would correct itself. I have not installed any patch I am GoG 3.0 (BTW... GOG sucks the galaxy client wants to re-download 9GB full game to apply your latest patch its frikken annoying).


I have screenshots if needed and could upload a game I guess too.


The problem seemed to start around the time I was first interacting with the Marshall about the battle? I could go check old saves too.


Thank you!

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OK here is a saved game file (via Dropbox) that clearly demonstrates the game-killing bug.




This save starts right before entering the final circular room in the Temple of Woedeca. So, send only the main character into the room (she has the hood equipped), answer the questions (we talked to the practicing assistant and know the answers)... then take the stairs back up to First Fires. Immediately you will get the message (for the first time) that "The Steward of Caed Nua has received a letter..."  Travel to Caed Nua, talk to the Steward, and then you see the bug: you get nothing, no options to start White March. Nothing on the map. White March part I (and probably later, II) are just not accessible.


Hope this helps fix the issue, its certainly been a pain for me! I think this entire playthrough was a wasted 20+ hours.


Remember I am version 3.00 (not 3.01 quite yet). GOG Galaxy wants me to upload 9GB entire game (5 hours?) to apply your 11MB patch. Very unhappy about that.


Thank you!

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Hey amazeing4art,


Sorry about that, unfortunately we do not have control on how GOG or GOG Galaxy applies their updates. Though you will not like what my suggestion would be, I would suggest going to the GOG site or using GOG Galaxy and uninstall the game to get the 3.01 version of the game. 


I complete understand if you don't want to do that, but its the only way to get a fresh clean install as I am seeing some errors in your player.log, otherwise I won't be able to assist you.


Sorry! Hope that helps!

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