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[WM2] Several occasions of (unintended?) AI vs. AI



I don't mind a little outside help here and there but I'd rather beat up the mobs myself.


So far I had two occasions where creatures would (accidently?) engage other creatures:


- Rotting Flesh Constructs vs. Crystal Eaters/Crystal Eater Spiderlings in the Stalwart Mines


(Happened off screen, and I think the constructs only got one or two crystal eaters that I guess patrolled a little too close)


- Radiant Sporelings vs. Radiant Sporelings in the Luminescent Caves




Or is this working as intended?

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Tried to reproduce at least one of the issues, and yep, with 3.0.1 the Radiant Sporelings are still beating each other up.


Come to think of it, it could have something to do with the way I'm approaching this encounter that triggers this.


I usually don't take on the whole pack at once, but scout ahead with one character, draw aggro and let the Radiant Sporelings chase after me for a bit until it's just a couple of them. When those few Sporelings are taken care of I go in again, with the whole party this time, only to find several smaller groups of Sporelings go at one another.


Here's where exactly this is happening on the Luminiscent Caves map:




The aftermath of the above mentioned Rotting Flesh Constructs vs. Crystal Eaters/Crystal Eater Spiderlings issue (like I said I only noticed this via the log) in the Stalwart Mines looks likes this by the way:




Edit: Actually I just noticed it's not Crystal Eaters/Crystal Eater Spiderlings in the 2nd case, but three Xaurips that got beaten to a pulp there.

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