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So, I'm trying to plan my new party and I'm trying to evaluate the number of Durgan refinement available now.


Durgan Battery was nerfed from 1 refinement for 3 ingots to 1 for 4.

By binding the spirits, you'll have 1 for 3, instead of 1 for 2.


There were 21 ingots in WM I.


I heard that there are at least 3 new ingots. Are there more ?



In addition, there are a few weapons already refined such as a blinding blunderbuss and Vent Pick.


Are there more ?


Finally what does Vent Pick do exactly as FoD ? Item abilities are often a bit different from regular ones, even if they have the same name.


Does it trigger an additional (potentially) double attack ? Or is it just an additional 50% fire lash ?

How the accuracy bonus from FoD is applied ?

By the way, I have the same question about nightshroud which is supposed to trigger full-attack finishing blow...

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Maybe they have added ingots just to make spirit binding to the forge less relevant ?


That would have worked if the cost for making Durgan steel remained the same.


My best guess is you can still make the same number as before when all is said and done, but you have work harder to collect all the ingots you need to that end.

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