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Cannot access White March pt II



Hi all,


Bought the second expansion today and looking forward to returning to White march.


However, I am currently stuck in Breith Eaman having just killed Thaos. I've had the dream telling me to return but I cannot find a way out.


I have no previous saves. Is there any way for me to progress?

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Hi Arik,


Thank you for your reply.



I finished White March part one and then went and killed Thaos several months ago.



I installed the new expansion today. I am stuck in the pit.


There are no previous saves as I likely deleted them when I finished the game 2 months ago. I only have the final save after completing Durgan's battery and killing Thaos. Is there no way for me to leave?

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Hello Charlkarrg,


I am sorry to say that there is no way out of the pit once you jump down. Since you don't have your pre-endgame save, you will have to start a new game. You do have the option to use the console command to teleport out of the dungeon, but doing so will disable achievements and the stronghold as it gets disabled after you enter the pit. 


If you choose to start a new game, you can always do it on Story Time difficulty to speed through the base game and then change it before you enter The White March. 


Hope that helps!

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