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Hi, I've noticed after the Whitemarsh update the action bar has been modified. Although it was clunky before, one was able to navigate through the bar with keyboard controls or steam gamepad. That is not possible now with the bag icon. As one cannot select the item within the bag submenu with keyboard/ gamepad keys. Also, when a character becomes incapacitated or unavailable the keyboard bindings for selecting the next character don't work and one has to manually select them. It should skip over unselectable characters to the next available character. 

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Ah yes, the steam controller uses keybindings so it does not work either with the item bag. Also incapacitated characters, summons and pets/ cause the keybinding assigned to toggle next character (left bracket and right bracket) to stop working. So you are unable to cycle through your characters using keybinds when a pet or incapacitated character is present.

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