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Aloth, Durance, and Hiravias do not have Spell Mastery when auto-leveled



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Strange. In the 3.00 beta, I leveled myself to 14 using console commands and recruited them at level 14. They had all skills, abilities, talents, etc. already assigned but had not been assigned any Spell Masteries, and had the little plus icon on their portraits to level up. The Spell Masteries had to be assigned manually via the level up menu.

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As it says in the title. Just a small oversight when adding the new Spell Mastery for 3.00, probably a five minute fix.


lol, a 5 minute fix! I doubt things are ever that simple;) Have some respect for the trouble the programmers must go through;)


Ha, I'd assumed that it was just an oversight, that someone had forgotten to add Spell Masteries when updating the ability progression tables. I didn't think it might be a database bug!

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