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Beta 3 healing ability and wounds



Now that everyone can heal (thanks to the survival ability I think)... it sort of weakens the need for lay-on-hands or priest healing. Also means a lot of usless abilities like field triage are really completely useless.


The knockdown wounds are nice, but I think they should apply to monsters too. Some times they get healed or have some kind of second chance ability so I think they should suffer the same penalties as PCs.

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Priests were never about healing, they are buff/de-buff casters who can also heal.

I agree that Second Wind is so powerful that it devalues most other forms of recovering Endurance in combat.


Field Triage is about recovering Health, not Endurance. There is a huge difference.

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^ It's still not that great, but it's the only way to heal Health besides resting.


About Second Wind, I need to ask again—does the bonus from MIG apply to the full "20 + (Athletics * 4)" value, or just to the base value of "20"? If it's the latter, it's not that powerful at all. Even investing 12 points into Athletics, you'd still only get 68 + (20 * MIG bonus). I'd rather max out Lore and Survival and put the rest in Stealth, tbh.

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