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Playing A wizard

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The closest class to necessary is a priest, and athletics goes a long way on non PotD runs.  Two wizards work well together, one can focus on damage, and one on crowd control.  Or you can skip wizards altogether and go for druids.  But seriously, lots of forum members have experience going with all melee parties.

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I'd recommend having Aloth with you in a few areas:


1: when you go to the area called Elms' Reach for the first time to progress the main quest


2: when you go to the endgame. You don't NEED him but his ending slides assume he came with you and he's got a little more dialogue there than most other party members.


Other than that, go nuts. Remember though, if you have Aloth around you can learn spells from his grimoire and vice versa, making it much easier to get all the spells.

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