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Windowed mode and resolution problem



Hello, gents.

Kindly asking assistance with problem described below.


The problem is: i can't swith to windowed mode or change game resolution.

When i unmark "wibndowed mode" checkbox, the game switches to windown for a brief moment, and then just restores to full-screen.

Adding steam launch option -windowed does't help.

In resolution list I have got only one option - 1600*900, this is my laptops's basic resolution and I can't scale it down.


PoE version is 2.03.0788

I use HP probook 470s with radeon 7500m video, running Win7.

outpot_log attached


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Hello Zer,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us! I was able to switch between windowed and resolutions normally, but I was not able to do so with Steams set launch options. I wrote up a bug report about the issue. Though I'm not sure if that something we have to do on our end or on Steams end. 


However, after looking at your output, you game is running your Intel HD graphics card instead of your AMD card. Please open your catalyst and makes sure your games are running the AMD card.


Thanks a bunch!

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