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Today, I noticed that upon trying to leave Stalwart village, my screen moves to black after accepting the time it travels to another location, and no loading sequence is initiated. I can still see the cursor change upon moving around (indicating areas I can not click on et cetera), but no sound is audible.

I am able to press ESC and open the (still hidden) menu screen (in which sound reappears).

If I move from where the lower right box of the menus should begin and just click while moving the mouse upwards, I am able to hit the "Quit Game" button, upon which the visible Quit-dialog appears in front of the black screen, as seen in the screenshot. If I quit, during what would be the fade-out I see my party still standing in Stalwart Village for a split second until I am back at the main menu, which works as normal.


Inside Stalwart, I seem to be able to enter and exit the houses, the problem only shows up when changing the location on the world map.


Attached are a savegame from before this happens (I do not seem to be able to quicksave while the screen is black), the aforementioned screenshot and my Unity log




The steps in order are:

1) Load from savegame

2) Move to the edge of the map and click on the "compass"

3) Chosse another location

4) Agree to the time needed for the journey


My Specs are

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)

2.4 GHz Intel Core i5

4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Intel Iris 1536 MB

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Hey everyone,


There was a bug that was happening if you transitioned to a location where a window would pop up, (i.e content scaling or the party management window) and then cancel the transition and then try again, it would result in a black screen. We have fixed the problem and will be in the next patch. 


Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks a bunch!

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