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Ranger Level Up Talent Bug

Fiery Rain


I've noticed this thing when my character was level 8 or so. When you level up and try to take any talent EXCEPT companion-related (Merciless, Resilient and so on), one of existing talents gets overwritten by new one. If you take four companion-related talents (and only them), however, it's fine. But sooner or later they end, and you're forced to take another one - and, well, inevitably experience this issue.

Here's a screenshot before level up:



Notice I have all 4 companion talents, so I can't "workaround" this anymore. Now here's a screenshot after level up.




Here, I've taken Gunner and, as you can see, Gunner replaced Vicious Companion. I believe this issue affects Sagani as well.

I'm playing on 3.0 beta. On 2.0 this issue persists as well. I'm not using any mods. Renewing cache didn't help either.

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