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Aloth has disappeared!

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 I finished with the game last night and restarted today. A big surprise! Aloth has gone! All is left is his spare gear  and potions etc. in a big pile on the ground!  He was there lat night.   My party is in Cliaban Rilag Level 1. Has he done a runner if so where to!


Oh no!

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If his gear is on the ground and he is not part of your party anymore, it sounds a lot like he has died (permanently). Is it possible that you didn't notice that, saved the game and just discovered that he is missing after reloading today?


You could of course check if it is possible to recruit him again through the screen where you manage your party composition.

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Pointed heads?  Didn't notice he had a pointed head, though I am a fervent believer that Pillars needs Pointy Hats, and lots of them. 

"That rabbit's dynamite!" - King Arthur, Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

"Space is big, really big." - Douglas Adams

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