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v3.0 Wrong 'Attack' icon



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More details.


I deleted all mods and ran a game cache integrity check on Steam. Started a new game.


It happens after the Prologue, right after leaving Cilant Lis and persistent throughout since. 


And, yes. Happens when I switch from range to melee.




Here's the new save file and output log.


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I used IE Mod and Eternity Keeper. The issue stops after a game restart. But most certainly happens after the Prologue and stays that way until game restart.


Extracting the file is fine on my side. Did you use 7zip? That was the compression program I used.


The forum doesn't allow me to upload the save file. Only the output log.


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Hey drrn,blck,


I see a lot of errors in your log, I would suggest running verify cache again. It still not happening on our end and I replicated everything you have been describing. Its possible its been patched out on our latest internal build. When the next beta patch comes out, let me know if it still continuing. 



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