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1. Permanent Death is optional. Otherwise, you are knocked out and that character has to repeat the scenario to progress. 
2. If you play alone, you can play up to 6 characters at a time. 
3. Pass and Play multiplayer will be available at launch. 
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Hey Pink! Hope you don't mind if I jump in here with a big one from the recent AMA. :)


Obsidian hasn't released all of the pricing details, but here's what they did reveal in the AMA:


- Perils of the Lost Coast will be free

- Each adventure deck (including the first) will cost $4.99

- You can buy a "season pass" that is "heavily discounted" and will include all of the adventure decks, characters, and promos as they come out

- 2 of the 11 characters will be available for free alongside Perils of the Lost Coast; the other 9 will need to be "earned" or purchased via the season pass (Nathan wasn't clear on whether you could buy characters individually without getting the season pass)

- The team has an internal schedule for how frequently releases will come out. Publicly, all they could say was that it would be "weeks" between releases. This means the worst case scenario is that only AD1 is available on launch and AD6 won't come out till mid July (HUGE grumpy face from me if that's the case)

- The game will actually have a F2P model that, in some as-yet-unspecified manner, will allow you to "earn" additional characters and adventures without spending real money. Absolutely zero details have been given as to how this model will work


Those were the highlights from the AMA for me personally, but you may find other things in there that interest you.

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Regarding older iOS versions, Nathan says: 


We can't ever officially support an iOS version that isn't the latest.

It doesn't mean it won't work nor that we won't fix bugs from earlier versions. I just can't promise anything on it. Thanks!



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From LadyKaieta regarding changes and editing and errata:



With any physical game transitioning into a digital format there are changes that are made, it's just the nature of the change of mediums.






We've been working closely with both Paizo and Loneshark to go in and fix some of the balance, wording, and other issues from the physical game.



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Grand Executive Developer Nathan posts about the Season Pass:


As to what's included in the bundle:

  • All currently released Rise of the Runelords Adventures
  • All future RotR Adventures
  • All RotR characters (including the Add-On deck characters)
  • Character Add-On Deck (deck C)
  • Promo Cards!

Bottom line: If you are giving us money, you get it all!



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