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Custom soundsets?

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While the companions' voiceovers are great (except for GM for the following reason), I can't say the same for player's voices, especially females! The main issue is the terrible sibilant S, which makes a very annoying hissing sound, at least for my ears.


That said, I'd love to download some custom voice packs for the game. Does anyone know where to find them? I had no luck with forum search or Steam.


I am modding in a Viconia soundset to replace the hideous Female Mystic Voice, but it's taking me quite some time, because I can't find the original sounds from BG anywhere, so I'm using a youtube video to get the voices I'm looking for!

Surface dwellers can be so stupid! :blush:

Edér, I am using WhatsApp!

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I mean the standard protagonist' soundsets; you have to choose one when you create a new character (Noble, Mystic, Sinister etc.).

You can modify the standard soundsets entirely, replacing the 70+ audio files of each set with your own. For example, the "Female - Feisty" (which is especially annoying due to the hiSSing) can be replaced by the voice of a different NPC from a different game, or even by your own voice!


I'm surprised there are no fan-made sets yet, or at least I can't find them. It does take some time, but still...



PS: I agree about D:OS, the MC voicesets were terribly lacking.

Edér, I am using WhatsApp!

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