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US stronk?


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Seems that US army deployed at least 250 "commando" type soldiers in Iraq and Syria. They call part of it a "targeting force" that aims to hit ISIS command posts and individuals.


Perhaps that group of soldiers captured by Iran was a prep team or tech support team to some place in Iraq.


I believe the deployment went public today at 101 base.

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But there is one advantage to this mess. In South Africa I am able to negotiate very good prices with the Russian strippers who normally dont ever drop prices and dont like small talk....yes I pretend to be on the side of Putin and say " he is a victim of Western aggression "  and they really are impressed that I seem to know so much about there country ( I don't really see this as lying as sometimes the truth can be more hurtful than constructive  :biggrin:


Bruce - your constant mania about strippers looks... non-normal. How old you are? Maybe you must find a love and marry to this woman. Family, Bruce, it's much better than any your purchased "love" of cheap migrants. You so similar to Murika, you crying about how stronk  you are, but IRL your behavior looks just pathetic. :facepalm:


Oh I finally got a reasonable response from you, interesting. So there  are times when you engage  in normal debate


You know you must have reached a new low in forum etiquette when Oby lectures you on what is acceptable and what is normal     :biggrin:

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Freedom of Speech in US.



WSJ translate some moment from interview of Chechenian leader, but cut most important parts as usual. Yes they say about presence of Chechenian  agent's  on Syrian territory controlled  by ISIS, but cut part with explanation how even they can infiltrate in ISIS structures. In Russian interview Ramzan tell how they take information about creating of new  jihadist movement yet in times when nobody hear about ISIS yet. For check of this information they mass send Muslim agents in training camps of this new movement... and "suddenly" take reports about mass training  of terrorists... on NATO bases by Western military instructors. Later these terrorists become known as ISIS... Nice censorship. :rolleyes:


Other event - how Murican security shut mount of journalist after wrong question about ISIS.



What Murikans think about such censorship?

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